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Everyone has a story
  • My Memories (virtual memory box) is available to you and will remain open and active until you are a young adult (up to the age of 25 years). The online tool is a space for you to upload your personal photos, films, documents that you wish to keep. It’s a place to hold memories and ensure that passport details, National Insurance numbers and personal details are remembered for future reference. Your Personal Advisor will help you to access this.
  • You will be provided with a Health Passport. This will give you information about your health history and will remind you how to register with a GP and dentist. There is also a lot of information about other services that can provide you with support. This will be given to you by the Children Looked After Nurse when you are 17 years old. This is your personal information so you may want to keep it somewhere safe or save it within My Memories.

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