Job Search

There’s a range of careers advice available to you to help you take your next step into further education, training or employment.

This is available through the Education, Employment and Training Advisor in the Children Looked After Team Education Team, as well as the 14-19 team (and up to 25 years for care leavers). The 14-19 team employs engagement workers who can assist you with application forms, CV’s and interview skills as well as the education, training, apprenticeship and job opportunities currently available.

If further education is a route you’d like to explore, then your Personal Advisor or the Children Looked After Education Team can advise you on the range of courses and locations available.

If you are studying at University, you may be entitled to £100 per week which will help to pay for accommodation.

Knowsley’s Family and Community Education (FACE) Service provide a range of courses to help equip our care leavers with the skills they need to succeed – visit the FACE website to find out more.

The council will offer an annual Food Hygiene course for anyone interesting in a catering / hospitality career. The course will lead to a Certificate in Hygiene – which would be good to include on your CV. Your Personal Advisor will have more information on what the course covers and when places are available.

The Personal Advisors run independent living skills workshops to build on existing skills you have. The workshops include cooking, decorating, plumbing and feedback from you also helps to shape future workshops to meet your needs.